TimeDaysLocationInstructorGERCreditOPUS Class NumberSyllabus (Tentative)
Irene Browne. WRT. 41095 TBA.

January 12, 2011- April 25, 2011

Catalog Description: Introduction to research design and data analysis, including logic of research, methods of data collection, elementary statistics, and computer analysis.

Semester Details:

This course is a practical introduction to research methods commonly used by social scientists, including experiments, surveys, focus groups, participant observation, content analysis, and in-depth interviews. The course has three main objectives. First, you will learn how to translate theoretical issues into researchable sociological questions. Second, you will learn how to choose an appropriate research design and recognize its strengths and limitations. Third, you will gain actual experience in the collection and analysis of data. The overall goal is to provide you with the critical skills necessary for being a savvy consumer and producer of social research data.

Required Textbooks, Articles, and Resources

  1. Babbie, Earl. 2009. The Practice of Social Research. Edition 12.
    ISBN: 9780495598411.

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