TimeDaysLocationInstructorGERCreditOPUS Class NumberSyllabus (Tentative)
Tarbutton Hall 105
Corey Keyes. HSC. 41092 TBA.

January 12, 2011- April 25, 2011

Catalog Description: Explores the development of conceptions of mental health, both negative (depression) and positive (well-being) forms. Examines the intrapersonal, interpersonal, social and cultural theories, and underpinnings of mental health and well-being.

Semester Details:

This course entertains two broad questions within which numerous models, theories, and empirical studies are employed. First, what is the nature and burden of mental illnesses and the benefits of mental health?  Second, what are the causes of mental illnesses and mental health? This course employs a bio–psycho–social model of health.  We examine mental health in terms of its proximal (biological), medial (psychological), and distal (sociological) causes, which implies that we can and should direct treatments to improve mental health at all three levels.

Required Textbooks, Articles, and Resources

  1. No textbooks required. All readings will be available electronically on Blackboard.


Assignment/ExamDetails% of Total Grade
Classroom Reflection Part #115%
Classroom Reflection Part #215%
1st exam on 3/2/201135%
2nd exam on 4/20/201135%
Optional Paper: Students can earn up to 5 extra credit points that can be applied to the computation of the midterm exam grade(download the instructions from Blackboard site)

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