TimeDaysLocationInstructorGERCreditOPUS Class NumberSyllabus (Tentative)
Tarbutton Hall 106
Robert Agnew. HSC. 41071 TBA.

January 12, 2011- April 25, 2011

Catalog Description: Theories of delinquency causation and treatment.

Semester Details:

The course is in four parts. First, we will examine the nature and extent of delinquency. This will include an examination of history of delinquency and the characteristics of delinquents. Second, we will examine the major theories of delinquency; with a special focus on strain theory, social control theory, and subcultural deviance theory. Third, we will examine the research on the causes of delinquency, including the research on the effect of individual traits, family factors, school factors, and gangs on delinquency. Finally, we will examine efforts to control delinquency; with a focus on the police, the juvenile court, and correctional facilities for juveniles. Classes will consist of lecture and discussion, with an occasional movie or guest speaker.

Required Textbooks, Articles, and Resources

  1. Agnew, Robert. Juvenile Delinquency: Causes and Control.
    ISBN: 9780195371130.

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