General Overview

In Fall 2009, Emory College of Arts and Sciences will introduce a new pre-major advising system: Pre-major Advising Connections at Emory (PACE).  With an emphasis on individual, one-on-one advising, PACE provides first-rate support to incoming students until they declare a major.  Prior to their arrival, first-year students are matched with faculty and peer advisers with closely related interests.  Throughout the year, these advisers help new students acclimate to college life, enroll in classes and plan for academic and career success. 

Working in conjunction with this primary advising team, the Office for Undergraduate Education (OUE) and Campus life provide educational panels, programs and sessions throughout the year.  These informational meetings serve to further connect students to on-campus resources and help them identify avenues for academic and personal growth.  First-year students are required to attend at least ten of these sessions prior to the end of the second semester.

It is mandatory that all first-year students participate in the PACE program, and they are pre-enrolled.   First-year students receive one semester hour of academic credit toward their Emory College degree for successfully completing the program.  The grading basis for the course is satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

Pre-Major Advising Connections

  • First-Year Students: Prior to matriculation, each incoming student is matched to one faculty and one peer adviser with closely related interests.
  • Faculty Advisers:  Faculty advisers work with approximately four to six students, providing assistance with course selection and enrollment, GER fulfillment, major choice and academic/career planning, etc.  Faculty advisers meet with students in their first semester during important academic periods—Orientation Week, Midterm and Pre-registration for spring semester--and also by appointment.
  • Peer Advisers:  Peer advisers work in pairs with approximately eighteen first-year students and four to six faculty advisers. In addition to assisting faculty advisers, peer advisers work directly with students, helping them with direct enrollment during Orientation and connecting them to campus resources, as needed.  Peer advisers check-in with students periodically throughout the year.
  • Additional Advising Resources:  Support for first-year students is also available through the OUE, Campus Life, and the Career Center.
  • A First-Year Student event calendar is available via this link.

PACE Staff

  • Jason S. Breyan, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education and Director of the PACE Program: 404-727-9321 or
  • Tina McDowell, Sr. Program Associate: 404-727-7373 or